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We just got back from our first big international trip to New Zealand with Taylor. Luckily, we felt pretty prepared heading into the trip since we've traveled a lot on our own and have already gotten pretty used to bringing Taylor along everywhere we go.

I've compiled a list of my TOP baby travel essentials and hope that this can help make your next trip more stress free!

1) Guava Lotus Travel Crib

We bought the full Guava Lotus travel kit before Taylor was born and used it as his bassinet attachment in our bedroom for the first three months. This compact travel crib is AMAZING. It assembles in just minutes and folds up into a backpack for easy travel.

2) GB Pockit Stroller + Stroller Bag

We're always trying to pack light and we knew that bringing both the car seat bag AND the stroller bag was going to overwhelm us. So, we opted for the GB Pockit Stroller. This stroller takes some getting used to when it comes to folding out and back up, but overall, its relatively easy as so lightweight and compact. We opted to use the GB Pockit throughout the airport rather than have Taylor in a carrier.

Pro Tip: Because this stroller is so small, we were able to easily run it through security and pop it into a bag to place in the overhead bin before boarding the plane - this meant no waiting for gate check after the ride!

3) WavHello SoundBub

Sound machines while traveling are a must - we love this one and it has a pretty good battery life. Now that Taylor is a bit older, he also loves looking at the teddy bear!

4) J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

This bag is HUGE and I imagine that once he outgrows his infant car seat, we will be glad we have it. In the meantime though, this was great for packaging both the carseat and base as well as miscellaneous items that wouldn't fit in our suit case.

Pro Tip: you don't have to pay to check a stroller, car seat or pack and play. We filled our large carseat bag with his baby towel, our wet bag, extra diapers, and basically anything else that wouldn't fit in our luggage.

5) Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Navy (Made in The USA)

We knew we'd be spending some time at the beach so we opted for a Wet Bag to keep any soiled or wet items in while we traveled. This one is fairly large but they do come in quite a few sized.

6) Babyganics Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Airplanes are full of germs - we loaded up on these and wiped down our tray tables, arm rests and the back of the seats.

7) Babyganics Bug Spray and Sunscreen

New Zealand has so many different climates across the country. We'd be in one place with sunny skies and an hour drive would bring us into rain and mosquito's - always good to be prepared!

8) Baby Carrier Rain Cover

As mentioned above, weather is ALWAYS subject to change. We went to New Zealand in the middle of Summer and still had about 5 days of rain. This cover allowed us to still go on hikes and enjoy sightseeing, while keeping Taylor warm & dry. We have the Ergobaby, but I am sure many brands have rain covers for their carriers.

9) Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy

Nothing worse than having a toy get dropped on a dirty plane! These keep your baby's favorite toys close by and clean!

Other Tips:

1) If your baby is formula feeding, pre-fill a few bottles with formula before getting on the plane. That way all you have to do is add water.

2) When you book your flight, see if there is an option for a bassinet seat. Particularly on long flights. This was a game-changer for us! Taylor slept 9-10 hours of each 13 hour plane ride which meant we could enjoy our meals, a few movies and still get some shut eye.

What did you think of this list? Find anything you're excited to try for your next trip?

Love, Linny

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