When in Paris... Wear a beret, and say pamplemousse.  


This is a place for me to share my story, Lindsay Lauren Gough (like cough), aka Linny, over the course of 2018. Oh my Gough, another travel blog you say? Yup, my own addition to the grandiose blogosphere. I have been granted a year off from my wonderful job of globe trotting and flying the friendly skies. And what will I do? Travel some more of course. At my own leisure. A complete dream come true; not just in my slumber, but in real life. To travel and have my job waiting for me on my return is such a gift, it enables me to roam freely while feeling zero pressure to find a way to make ends meet. With zero responsibilities and nobody to report to but myself, Linny, whom I will be getting to know and love a little bit more through following my heart, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. My blog, my digital post cards, pour vous, with love from yours truly.