Love from London


All nice and cozy, bright and sparkly, I've been settling into 2018 quite nicely. This New Years will def' go down as one of my most memorable yet, so festive and fun, rather fitting to ring in my time off. Jess threw a wild New Year's/joint 40th b-day dance bash for Tim and his twin brother, Chris. So wild, that I may still be recovering. Bring on Dry-uary now that the holidays have come to a wrap! Oh wait... No they haven't, I have a whole year off! Sorry/not sorry. 

The calm feels so welcomed, amidst the storm and gale force winds blowing outside that left the marquee and party debris splayed all over the garden, as I'm starting to think of my next move... First up, I'm enjoying a bit more time here visiting Jess and family in their charming home perched above London in the suburb of Muswell Hill. I've been serenaded with a Canadian poo song, have had visits to the pub, ate delicious Ruby Murrie (cockney for curry), have baked cookies, indulged in loads of leftover birthday cake, made 2018 vision boards with Jess, have been on a run through Highgate Wood and to yoga in the mornings, snuck in some kisses from my 2 year old nephew Jack, and with his older brother Fraser have conquered a 3D dinosaur puzzle and taped Superman to toy cars so he could make his way to the loo. I just love London, it feels like my home away from home. I'm in no huge hurry to rush off anywhere or do any sightseeing as I've been here many times before, although a culture trip to the Tate Modern or V&A may be in order. 


I've also been taking time to reflect back on the past year, and how far I've come (more on that in my next post), setting intentions on how I want to live feeling more aligned. My resolutions are off to a good start, as I couldn't have planned the beginning of my adventure any better, being surrounded by love, fun and family, first in Ottawa, now London. My tank is full, my open calendar awaits, and I'm ready to leave shiny heart bubbles in my wake! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก